This photograph is of me in Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago.

There are actors, influencers, and then there are culture critics like me.

I have practiced law as a civil rights attorney for the past 15 years (and counting) and am otherwise an entrepreneur.

In addition to owning and operating a mid-size law firm based in Raleigh, North Carolina, I have a food blog, and am an author. I am currently seeking investors for my cookbook launch.

I value volunteering in legal and non-legal settings. Volunteer accomplishments to note:

Global Business Advocate for InvesTT, a mission dedicated to promoting Trinidad & Tobago. Member of City of Raleigh’s Hispanic and Immigrant Affairs Board where I support immigrants and refugees in my local community. Appointed lead attorney for the Wake County Democratic Party. Past First Vice President of the North Carolina Association of Black Lawyers. 

Professional accomplishments to note:

Most recently, my law firm Wallis, Bowens, Averhart & Associates, PLLC was one of the key partners to the USDA Discrimination Farmers Technical Assistance Program, a $2.2 Billion farmers assistance program. My work as First Vice President of the North Carolina Association of Black Lawyers to revitalize the organization directly influenced establishing Juneteenth as a federal holiday. Key partner of A Fourth Trimester Project which has now been recognized by The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. Go to for support. As a Congressional Black Caucus intern on Capitol Hill, I helped draft the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care).

How to support my work:

Follow me here to access my lifestyle content, including when new recipes, articles, and publications release. While I share everything from my current fashion trends, diy favorites, and of course, there’s doom scrolled TikTok and now I have to buy it; my favorite content shares are the pop-up events and my world travels. Hope you subscribe for the cookbook release.

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