“How One Wake County Attorney Approaches Issues-Based Advocacy” #thrusaleizeyes17

By: Saleisha N. Averhart, ’09

Of Counsel Magazine is a North Carolina Central University School of Law publication. This is an article I submitted which was published in the Fall 2018, Volume 20 issue “Power and Protesters, Struggle and Resistance”. At the time of submission, I was serving as 1st Vice President of the North Carolina Association of Black Lawyers and as Vice Chair of my precint for the Wake County Democratic Party. By the time the publication was out, I also added State Executive Committee member of the North Carolina Democratic Party as a position I hold. I thank God for allowing me to do his work.

The article is not available online as a link, so I have shared it below in the photo and as text for those unable to read the words in the photo clearly.

Gun control, immigration reform, public education, voting rights, and other similarly situated issues begin at the local level. Time management is essential. These are the cornerstones of my approach to issues-based advocacy. I became active in community based organizations, statewide and local. In law school, I was active in student government and my internships were as mayor’s assistant for the Town of Chapel Hill and as a Congressional Black Caucus intern in Washington. I’ve gained experience as plaintiff’s counsel representing individuals’ interests protected by state and federal law, including the Americans With Disabilities Act, the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act, and Section 1983 claims.

I started by offering more of my time to support community-based initiatives. This led me to organizations that best reflect my values. For me and others, November 9, 2016, served as a day of reflection. I took on more substantial roles such as organizing educational and social community events and supporting election protection initiatives. Efficiently using my time is an everyday process, but I have found it is a key factor in sustainability. Please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected] to learn about volunteer opportunities in North Carolina, including election protection workshops.