Are electronics parenting my children? #thrusaleizeyes18

The technology debate is an extremely touchy subject for many. Where do you stand on this issue?

It is safe to assume each parent has a very specific opinion on this issue. The bigger question is, why judge each other?

Of course I want my children to get lost in a book, but what about a road trip when the tablet is all that will stop the are we there yets? Or that mid-afternoon desire for a mental break that only Baby Shark can offer. The examples are as endless as the opinions. What value does this debate add to your day one may instead choose to ask if tempted to engage.

two girls reading a book
Photo by Ben White
a boy and girl using a phone
Photo by Tim Gouw

We are creatures of habit. A product of our collected experiences. What may be a fun conversation for one may be an endless trip down the rabbit hole for another. Let’s consider being thoughtful when engaging in this discussion.

Whether your child is 3 or 16, how many times do we find ourselves asking whether they are getting too much screen time? Trust me, my house deals with both of these ages! Isn’t it a great day when instead we choose to go with the flow of the day? In my house we read, the wifi is always in demand, and we focus on other fun stuff like a game night or outdoor activities. Balance is daily.

boy in the water with a starfish
Photo by Claude Piché

With warm weather emerging, the variety of available activities have my wheels spinning. Thinking about a road trip soon. Tablets and electronic devices will be charged up and ready for the ride! What do you envision a fun family weekend to include? #balance #parenting #begentlewithyourexpectations #parentinggoals #thrusaleizeyes

Flying as a lifestyle #thrusaleizeyes11

I was able to take a year off work when my daughter was born. It was a full on adventure that really hasn’t stopped since my daughter was 3 weeks old.

I have learned a few valuable family travel tips along the way

My first year after birth took me on quite a ride. A really fun one…introspective too. I’ve enjoyed solo traveling to family excursions as well. These are such precious memories and I’m looking forward to making many more. #familytravel #thrusaleizeyes