With Love In Paris #thrusaleizeyes16

Paris was everything.

New Years Day starts a new chapter per usual.

Pictured below is Paris from the Arc de Triomphe.

Musee du Lourve
Paris, France

With Love In Paris

Bathing in the romance of the rain,
It drips down the streets.
Pat Pat Pat Pat Pat Pat Shhhhhhhhh.

Biting air wrapped in layers, 
Holding my hand and laughing with the wind instead.
It does not mean to be so cold.

I locked eyes with love.
It’s fingers brushed my opening smile
And we danced instead of spoke. 
Love came home with us too. 
For that I am most grateful. 

Flying as a lifestyle #thrusaleizeyes11

I was able to take a year off work when my daughter was born. It was a full on adventure that really hasn’t stopped since my daughter was 3 weeks old.

I have learned a few valuable family travel tips along the way

My first year after birth took me on quite a ride. A really fun one…introspective too. I’ve enjoyed solo traveling to family excursions as well. These are such precious memories and I’m looking forward to making many more. #familytravel #thrusaleizeyes